Welcome to Living Through It!

Hello and thank you for visiting!

Living Through It is a blog updated each Monday with all the good things I have to share with you.

What to expect from this Blog:

  • Personal stories from me to you
  • Updates on my novels (and maybe some sneak peeks…)
  • Book recommendations when I have them
  • Tips and tricks on
    • Travel and seasonal work
    • Freelance writing
    • The writing process
    • Managing and living with endometriosis
    • My healing journey
    • Raising and training a service dog fit to your individual needs
    • So much more

About Living Through It

Living through it is meant to be a few different things.

First and foremost, this blog is meant to be a safe space for those suffering from endometriosis and other chronic illnesses. I have gained so much strength from the communities that are created when people with disabilities come together and I am so excited to be contributing to those communities by spreading as much inspiration and education as I can.

I will be leaving resources, personal experiences and advice from my own healing journey, and even tips on pain/symptom management and how to ask for accommodations at work and school here as often as I find them.

You can also find me on my endometriosis awareness instagram page @endo.on.mars

Secondly, this blog is here to document my travels and writing career, both for myself and to (hopefully) inspire and advise my readers of similar interests. I am just starting out with freelance writing, so you will all get the full story there in real time.

I am also in the process of dreaming up two novels that I plan to independently publish and turn into series. They will both be YA fantasy series, and their plots will both be furthered by a conflict based off of a modern issue. Here are two brief summaries of what I have so far:

  • A young woman learns that she was cursed at birth by the queen in order to subdue her power, which is stronger than that of the queen. Now, she and her sister must face the queen, the world, and the curse (the effects of which are suspiciously similar to chronic illness) to regain her power and end tyranny.
  • In a kingdom where class lines are drawn by a system based on a false religious text, claiming favor of one of three distinct types of Fae, a band of rebels outside of that favored group must face their corrupt society in order to prove that the text has been altered and avenge their people.

Don’t worry, I won’t sugarcoat them, but I will post updates and excerpts as I have them.

There will, of course, be things posted about the rest of my above list as well, but I only feel the need to introduce the two ongoing topics in detail.

About Me

Ever since I was a little girl, around the time I learned to love Junie B. Jones books in the first grade, I knew that I wanted to write books that people like myself could love. I learned soon after that I wanted to travel while I did it.

Of course, I was told again and again that travel was expensive and that writing rarely made a dime to put towards the bills. When I moved out on my own (or rather with my loving boyfriend on our own), I learned that both of those things were true. My full time job barely made enough. But the dream was still there, so I did some research.

Of course, when I looked into freelance, I found myself so, so relieved by the prospect of being my own boss, furthered by the fact that the surgery that gave me my endometriosis diagnosis in March had only staved off symptoms for two months and then made them much, much worse. Understandably, I committed to making a living as a freelancer immediately.

As I began to explore the world of freelance writing, I fell in love with the idea of quitting my job at the local ski resort and writing from my bed every day. No more constant sick days, no more running late, no more long hours. so I dove in. And after I applied to my first gig, a job advertising fifty dollars and a good review in exchange for a blog post, I decided to write my own.

And that brings us up to date.

I think that’s all I need to tell you in this post, and I’m so excited to share with you tomorrow and every Monday after that.

Thanks for joining me, and ever yours as always,


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